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VIA USB Filter v1.10

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News del 04 Marzo 02 Autore: Cànaro
Su VIA Arena disponibile l'USB filter 1.10, ovvero il set di driver per far funzionare correttamente l'USB sulle schede madri che montano chipset VIA.

as a history of which fixes were added by version number of the patch.

1.02 (1) A connected usb hub that has no usb devices connected will be disabled
after another usb hub is attached at the another available root port.
(2) When transfering large of ammounts of data, the system will hang.

1.05 Fix the issues where the driver will page fault under Windows 98SE.

1.06 Fixes noise from USB audio converter or speaker.
Supports usb add-on card.

1.08 Supports Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

1.10 Adds support for Windows XP.
Fix the issue where USB devices will be reenumerated when system resumes from Standby mode.

VIA USB Filter Patch v1.10 drivers Win9x/me/2k/xp
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