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News del 21 Settembre 01 Autore: Cànaro
Nuova versione di questa valida utility per il tweaking delle schede video basate sul chip nVidia.

Nuove caratteristiche e correzione bachi:

Full Windows XP and Detonator 21.xx (alias Detonator XP) support.

Added Detonator XP styled texture format settings, which allow you to customize the texture formats supported by the Direct3D driver separately for DirectX7 and DirectX8 applications.

Added databases and presets for Detonators 8.04, 14.70 and 21.81.

Added detailed context sensitive help system for Launcher, System, Direct3D, OpenGL and Color options. The most of the information, included in RivaTuner's context help is exclusive and never was available in any other tweaking program.

Added SoftQuadro driver detection for Windows2000/XP. Now RivaTuner automatically detects the drivers patched via SoftQuadro and enables professional OpenGl options. SoftQuadro driver detection for Windows 9x is not implemented yet, but you can enable professional OpenGL options via ForceQuadro registry entry is you use the drivers patched with SoftQuadro. Read FAQ for details.


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