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Windows Desktop Search enabled for the enterprise

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News del 17 Novembre 05 Autore: RostoR
Si tratta di una versione di Windows Desktop Search per aziende, naturalmente lo sviluppo di questo software ha cercato di soddisfare le esigenze per questa tipologia di clientela. Serve un account Hotmail per scaricarlo e provarlo. Una delle caratteristiche ad esempio è vedere la ricerca effettuata all'interno di Outlook. The latest version of MSN Search Toolbar is optimized with features that help the enterprise IT manager easily deploy and manage the installation of MSN Search Toolbar across all users and computers in the organization. IT managers can expect the following benefits: • Fast Deployment — Distribute Toolbar using MSI. — Windows System Management Server (SMS) support. • Easy Manageability — Customize the Toolbar for your corporate environment with Group Policy. • Integrate with Enterprise Search works with SharePoint Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook — Enable your employees to get their Windows Desktop Search integrated into their Outlook experience. Features of MSN Search Toolbar for Internet Explorer • Easily search the web, your computer or start a search to your intranet. • Browse smarter with Tabbed Browsing. • Block annoying pop-ups. • Conveniently spot relevant terms in search results with Highlight Viewer. • Automatically fill forms with one-click Form Fill. Features of MSN Search Toolbar for Microsoft Office Outlook • Easily search the web from within Outlook. • Easily search e-mail and documents from within Outlook if Windows Desktop Search is also deployed. • Integrated Desktop Search results view within Outlook — a feature currently in beta — so you do not have to leave Outlook to see or take action upon your search results Microsoft Windows XP SP1 operating system or Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 SP4 (Install the latest Windows 2000 Service Pack). 64 bit Windows is not supported. Windows Desktop Search requires Microsoft Outlook 2000+ or Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0+ to index and search your email.
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