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News del 20 Febbraio 02 Autore: Cànaro
Release 2.16 - January 2002.

Network administrators UTilities Set, is a collections of some of my programs,
most of them created "by demand" when a friend or myself had a need for them.
All of the bundled programs are freeware.
Some of the programs are under first BETA stages, some are more mature.

Here is a list of the programs, with a short description.
Most of the programs have a TXT file and/or About box,
with more specific details:

ALO ver 1.2 -
Auto Log On.
For NT4/Win2K (Server and WKS) - Skip the logon dialog with predefined UserName/Password.
This utility can also handle empty (blank) password.

BALM ver 1.0 -
Blocked Attachment List Manager, for Outlook Express ver 6.

BALMNE ver 1.0 -
Blocked Attachment List Manager, for NAVMSE (Norton Anti Virus for MS Exchange).

GetMEM ver 1.1 -
For any Win9x/NT/2000 machine.
A utility to assist IT support diagnosing virtual memory problems.
The program simulates a memory intensive application with manual setting of the memory demand.

KIT ver 1.42 -
For any TCP/IP network.
Keep In Touch with your servers over the Internet/Intranet.
This utility will ping the specified hosts, and will alert you by external program or email when any host online status changes.

MM ver 1.21 (previously named M) -
For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients.
With this tool you can replicate (mirror) a selected folder/drive from server to a workstation,
for backup purpose.

MAILIT ver 1.01 -
A command line utility to send email (SMTP) using batch files.
See MAILIT.TXT and MAILTEST.BAT for more info.

NetRun ver 0.4 -
For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients.
A utility to launch from login scripts that can schedule actions on client computers such as backing up system/data files, anti virus updates, or RunOnce push installations.
Version 0.4 and above includes an option to run a program as a different user on NT4 clients.

NewUser ver 1.0 -
For Windows 2000 server (Domain Controller only).
This tiny VBscript allows you to quickly add new users to a Windows 2000 domain.
Much faster then "Active Directory Users and Computers".
The script MUST be manually edited and tuned for your needs.

NoScript.ADM ver 1.0 -
For Win98/NT clients (not tested with Win2000 clients yet).
This is a custom template for Poledit (System Policy Editor).
With it a network administrator can centrally disable VBS and other script files,
from running on client machines.
This can help protecting your network from new viruses of this kind.

Permiter ver 1.62 -
For Windows NT 4.0 (English/other language).
Allows modifying NTFS folder permissions for individual user/group,
without affecting other permission on same and nested folders.

RegToAdm ver 1.01 -
For any network with Win9x/NT clients.
Convert a REG file (exported from Regedit), to a simple custom ADM template,
that can be used in Poledit for distribution of registry settings on the network.

TestFile ver 1.02 -
For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients.
A very simple and basic performance test, that can be used on any file sharing
network for PC (NT, Netware, Win9x, and other).
The program runs on a Win9x workstation, and simply times save and read file operations.
The results are far from being scientific, but can be used as a "first impression"...
No need to set up a responder or special server program.

TSLOGGER.CMD ver 1.0 -
For Windows 2000 Terminal Server administrators.
This is a batch file that can be used to log client connections to a Terminal Server.
To use it, you should place TSLOGGER.CMD in a seperate folder like C:TSLOGGER,
and create a shortcut to it in the All UsersProgramsStartup menu or launch it in a different way.
Recommended NTFS permissions are:
TSLOGGER.CMD : Administrators=FC, Users=Read Only.
TSLOGGER.LOG : Administrators=FC, Users=Write.
You should open TSLOGGER.CMD in notepad, view/edit it as needed.
In addition it is recommended to use NT Auditing for "Account Logon Event".

EXCHANCE.CMD ver 1.21 -
For MS Exchange 5.x server administrators.
A sample CMD file for automatic offline backup of MS Exchange server 5.x .
Important - You must read, edit and debug this file before production use.
Also included in the NUTS folder is EXDEFRAG.CMD for compacting Exchange databases.


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