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SiSoftware Sandra 2004.10.9.133 SP2b

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News del 18 Agosto 04 Autore: Canaro
SiSoftware Sandra 2004.10.9.133 SP2b
Rilasciata una nuova versione dell' apprezzato SiSoftware SANDRA, programma tramite il quale è possibile avere moltissime informazione sul proprio sistema, ed eseguire benchmark sintetici molto in voga in numerosi siti di recensioni hardware. Caratteristiche:· 58 total Information, Benchmarking, Listing & Testing/Diagnostic Modules. · Multi-threaded Wizards for all tasks (e.g. Create various reports). · Multi-processor designed (multi-threaded) benchmarks - up to 64 CPUs. · Full 32-bit code; uses Windows 2000/XP extensions (32-bit Sandra). · Native Windows 2000/XP format (UNICODE Sandra). · Full 64-bit code; uses Windows 2003 extensions (64-bit Sandra). · Still get information on the 16-bit subsystem (ANSI Sandra). · Plug-and-Play support. · DMI/SMBIOS support. · Supports AGP, PCI, PCI64/66, VESA (ANSI Sandra), EISA (ANSI Sandra), MCA (ANSI Sandra), PCMCIA, CardBus. · DirectX (DirectDraw, Direct 3D, DSound, DMusic, DPlay, DInput), OpenGL support and information. · Detects new CPUs including the Intel Pentium III/4, Celeron, Xeon III/4; VIA C3; AMD Athlon 4/XP/MP, Duron XP/MP (32-bit Sandra). · Detects new CPUs including the Intel Itanium, McKinley (64-bit Sandra). · Detects and uses MMX (Enhanced), 3DNow! (Enhanced/Professional), SSE/SSE2 instruction sets (32-bit Sandra). · Advanced settings information on modern CPUs. · Detects Intel, AMD, ALi, SiS, VIA and all other chipsets on the market. · Network & Internet information. · Can save, print, fax, e-mail, post and upload a report. · Can export a SMS report for Microsoft SMS management system. · Can export a RPT (hierarchical) report that can be imported into most programs. · Can export a XML report for electronic data interchange. · Can export a HTML report directly (with CSS support) or display one dynamically from the XML using XSL & CSS. · Can upload a report to a FTP/HTTP server and account. · Can insert a report into any ADO, OLEDB or ODBC supported database with the correct schema. · Looks better in HiColour/TrueColour (16/24/32-bit) modes. SANDRA Standard SANDRA ProfessionalLocalizzato in italiano
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware/Shareware

Dimensioni: 5Mb

OS: Windows All

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