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News del 28 Luglio 04 Autore: Cànaro
Winamp 5.04
Nuova minor release per questo popolarissimo player multimediale che copre alcuni bug sfuggiti nel precedente rilascio. Il prodotto è presente in una versione Standard - gratuita - con queste caratteristiche:
  • MP3 Audio Support
  • SHOUTcast Radio Support
  • Skins and Plug-ins Support
  • Winamp Visualization Studio
  • Not Sucky Video Support
  • Spankin' New Media Library
ed una versione PRO - (US$ 14,95) - con queste caratteristiche:
  • Rip music at full speed
  • Encode music into MP3 or AAC
  • Burn CDs up to 48x!
Winamp 5.04 lite Winamp 5.04 fullNovità introdotte:· JTFE v0.96 · Added Coding Technologies' AACPlus decoder · fixed deletion of temporary generated WAV files after a burning process on some computers · fixed typo in some context menu shortcuts · fixed slowness IPC bug caused by gen_hotkeys · added "clear" button in internet radio/tv views · added screenshots of classic/modern mode in installer · fixed MP3 bitrate calculation (in_mp3 was reporting incorrect lengths on some MP3s) · fixed incorrect length reporting on long WMA files · better fix for pledit/video windows showing up at startup when minimized · fixed db text bug when moving EQ sliders · upgraded MP3 encoding to LAME v3.96 · fixed crash in WMA playback when using WMA v8 codecs · updated default streaming values in in_nsv · added Audio&Video views in the Media Library · fixed tiny memory leak in in_cdda · added right click context menu on "Now Playing" item in Media Library · added script/ActiveX disabling for Media Library's minibrowser (on by default) · fixed memory leak on MP3 files with messed up ID3v2 tags · fixed visualization when playing CD tracks · fixed proxy user:pass@server:port string getting cut when playing Shoutcast streams · made in_dshow not to handle mms:// streams ending with .wma · fixed %tracknumber% tag for CD tracks · fixed some crash bugs in in_mp4 · fixed playlist generation when ripping full CDs · added "import playlist from folder" in Media Library · updated Media Library preferences screens · added new SPS presets from Cockos, Inc. (pitch shifters, etc...) · added basic streaming (download) support for M4A/MP4 HTTP streams · added monitoring of fullscreen apps, disables always on top temporarilly · added IPC_IS_WNDSHADE · added gen_ml rating ipcs · added ratings from playlist context menu (acts on selected entries) · added ratings from song ticker context menu (acts on current track) · added rating hotkeys in gen_hotkey · fixed saving read-only playlists · fixed double separator lines in gen_ml id3less item context menu · fixed refresh of view losing query after removing dead files & background scan · added escaping of ", ', [ and ] in ml queries : uses %HH where HH is the hex char code (uses %% for '%') · added sdk support for multiple audio/video tracks in video input plugins (see wa_ipc.h for ITrackSelector class) · added multiple audio avi support (right click video window, select "Audio Tracks") · fixed multimonitor problem when toggling a windowshade on one monitor while playing a fullscreen video on the other · added ML_IPC_EDITQUERY and ML_IPC_EDITVIEW · fixed pledit drawing bug under winxp/cleartype · fixed crash in id3 reading of zero byte files · fixed crash in sps when exiting winamp before closing the open/save dialog · added IPC_PUSH_DISABLE_EXIT, IPC_POP_DISABLE_EXIT and IPC_IS_EXIT_ENABLED · fixed gen_ml crash when inserting item with length -1 · made gen_ml much more resistant to databases that have been corrupted · fixed ml nuke · added disabling of "keep on screen" option when going into a different resolution because of a fullscreen application (ie: a game) · made ui:preferences global hotkey open the prefs to the previously opened page · fixed a few preferences cosmetic 'bugs' · modern skin updates
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 4.01 Mb (standard full)

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP

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