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GPGShell 3.20

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News del 16 Luglio 04 Autore: Alberto
GPGShell 3.20
GPGshell è un'interfaccia grafica per GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard). Il programma è stato oggetto di un mio articolo al quale vi rimando per tutti i dettagli e per il suo utilizzo.Link per la traduzione in italiano del programmaChanges in 3.20 (15.07.2004)General: - Added the possibility to change the color of some key-list items - Code changes to grey-out invalid and untrusted keys when encrypting/signing - Code changes to share a stored passphrase between GPGtools and GPGtray - Code changes to use "--interactive" when the DOS-window isn't hidden while decrypting/verifying (to be asked for importing missing keys) - Code changes to use "--use-embedded-filename" when decrypting multiple files or when the encrypted file is not like "*?.???.asc", "*?.???.gpg" or "*?.???.pgp" - Code improvements (save list-view column-sizes, initial focus after form loads, ect.) GPGkeys: - Added "" text-box to toolbar - Added "Backup GPGshell Settings (Registry)" item to "Help" menu - Code changes to allow column reordering in key-list - Code changes to detect gpg.conf changes (made from GPGtools or GPGtray) - Code changes to the "PGP Packets" and "Signatures" windows to paste selected text into GPGkeys' bottom key-search textbox, when the selected text is like "[0x]????????[ ]" or "[0x]????????????????[ ]" - Moved "Fingerprint", "Sub Keys" and "User IDs" windows into a single form - Moved DOS-icon context-menu to toolbar - Removed the 55000 char limitation for "Signatures" or "PGP Packets" output - Preferences/GPGshell...: - - Added "Bold font for displaying the [default-key]" option (default checked) - - Added "Bold font for displaying the default menu-item" option (default checked) - - Added "Clear passphrase when screensaver starts" option (not available on Windows NT 3.51/4.0) - - Added "Gridlines in key-lists" option (default unchecked) - - Added "Menu-icons" option (default checked) - - Added "Show "Clipboard" menu-items in main menu" option (default checked) GPGtools: - Added command-line parameter /packets to show PGP packets for files GPGtray: - Added "Find" and "Find Next" items to "Text" menu in "View/Edit Clipboard" window - Added some menu-icons Shell-extension: - Added "PGP Packets" entry for .asc/.gpg/.pgp/.sig files - Added some menu-icons - Fixed an error which caused multiple "GPGshell" entries in Explorer's "File" menu - Reordered menu-items
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 1,97 Mb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP

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