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Microsoft Sasser Removal Tool 2.0

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News del 05 Maggio 04 Autore: Cānaro
Microsoft Sasser Removal Tool 2.0
<b>Sasser.A and Sasser.B Worm Removal Tool (KB841720)</b> Versione 2.0 Anche Microsoft ha realizzato un tool di rimozione per i sistemi infetti dal worm <b><a href= target=_blank>Sasser</a></b>. <i>A situation has been identified where the Sasser.A or Sasser.B worms could have infected some systems before the application of MS04-011 [KB835732]. This tool will help remove the Sasser.A and Sasser.B worms from these systems. For systems with MS04-011 [KB835732], no further action is needed once this tool is installed. Install this tool to help remove this worm from your PC.</i> <img src= align=absmiddle> <a href= target=_blank>What You Should Know About the Sasser Worm and Its Variants</a> Release History: Version 1.0 - Released 5/2/04. Detected and removed Sasser.A and Sasser.B. Version 2.0 - Released 5/4/04. Added detection/removal for Sasser.C and Sasser.D.
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