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Recensito da CDRinfo con la solita cura che li contraddistingue il masterizzatore Teac 524E.
Ecco l'analisi sintetica della rece:

Caratteristiche positive

- High speed ROPC promises maximum quality
- Excellent Seek times
- Supports "Burn-Proof" anti-coaster technology
- Very Good DAE ripping performance
- Almost perfect DAE ripping quality
- Will write ANY media at 24x
- Supports HS-RW standard (10x re-write)
- Supports DAO-RAW
- Can produce accurate SD2 backups
- Supports reading/writing of SubChannel data
- Supports CD-Text (reading/writing)
- 2years of warranty (applies only for Europe?)
- Huge MTBF > 100.000 hours
- Very quite during reading/writing
- TEAC promises support for MT. Rainier with firmware upgrade
- Good price ($117 OEM - $135 retail box)

Caratteristiche negative

- Drive arrives late at the market...
- Reading performance with pressed/CDR media is lower than competition
- Limited overburning (up to 89minutes)
- Low Packet Writing reading performance
- Low PSX ripping speed
- Very bad CloneCD reading performance
- No build-in quality detection system for low quality media
- The OEM version supports only up to 32x DAE

Rece Teac 524E
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