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News del 05 Settembre 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Release 2.58 per TMPEGEnc, encoder per la conversione dei file AVI ad MPEG1.
Le novità:
  • ES (Video+Audio)" has been added to stream type in the main window. This mode outputs separate video / audio stream.
  • System (Audio only)" has been deleted from the list of stream type in the main window. This feature can be done with "simple de-mulitplex" under MPEG Tools.
  • Video and Audio stream can be outputted separately if user select DVD template at Project Wizard.
  • Now TMPGEnc has priority of MPEG-2 decoders at VFAPI plug-in priority setting. The priority is fixed and can not be changed by user as follows: 1:Sony 2:Ligos 3:CyberLink
  • Bugfix: "Prefetch Video" error occurred if Prefetch Video was enabled at Multi-thread setting
  • At 1st pass of 2 pass VBR, the character "analyzing" is not clickable anymore(since it does not mean anything).
  • Bugfix: At MPEG Tools, Merge&Cut, TMPGEnc did not treat MPEG-2 files whose colour_description is "0". (FYI, any version of
  • TMPGEnc produces MPEG-2 file whose colour_description is "1".)
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