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News del 19 Febbraio 02 Autore: fabionapoli
Cover-Lab è un semplice e gratuito programma per la creazione di copertine dei CDR.

    Changes in Current Version:
  • Added new "Insert Audio Folder Track-Listing" feature
  • Added right-click popup menus for front & back covers
  • Fixed small-cover bug when printing with high/best quality
  • Fixed printer orientation staying at landscape after printing
  • Added document changes checking on new/open/exit
  • Fixed string movement, just click and drag now
  • String text can now be edited simply by selecting and typing
  • Strings can now be placed on the back cover and print properly
  • Added small 'please wait' dialog for opening images and documents and when printing
  • Fixed some images and strings not clearing properly when starting a new document or opening a document
  • Made back cover slightly smaller
  • Completely re-coded dynamic string object spawning, fixing document related string loading bugs in the process
  • Added support for opening .lab documents from shell
  • Added installer/uninstaller
  • Many bug-fixes

Pagina di riferimento

Cover-Lab Beta - immagine 4ownload 369 KB

Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000

Licenza Freeware

Autore Wertia

Data dell'aggiornamento 10/12/2001
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